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Who We Are

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Swiss Tenure is a Customised Service Company specialised in Swiss Ritzy Lifestyle and Ownership, Swiss Corporate Administration and International Civil Servants' Rights.

We offer personalised and custom fit legal and administrative assistance to our selective clients worldwide that want to acquire, sell or experience Swiss Ownership.

We take time to understand your goals, and assist you in all your needs regarding business, taxes, real estate, inheritance, pension planning, boat insurance, migration planning, asset protection, citizenship by investment, golden visa, lump-sum taxation regimes.

We defend and help Civil Servants file complaints before the competent Administrative Tribunal and help them with all the legal and administrative work related to Ownership and Resident Permits in Switzerland.

We are here to help make your life easier and are committed to deliver on your personal and business priorities and needs 24/7. 

Swiss Tenure takes great pride in assisting you in

- finding your unique off market property for personal, investment and business development opportunities

- acquiring or selling your home, boat or private jet

- organising your business or personal travel in a private jet charter or boat charter

- taking care of all the corporate legal and administrative paper work related to Swiss Ownership and

- organising your retreat in various ritzy breathtaking venues in the Swiss Alps.

Our unparalleled personal commitment to our selective and cherished clients and our high standard of care have been key to build up the trust and  the business we are forging today.

Get in touch today to learn more about what we have to offer.

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